Grand and generous architecture would not on its own produce a sustainable business if it were not for the service and attention to you thereafter. Entering the gates of Puravarna is to step into a different world. A world that goes beyond the accepted conventions of hospitality and service. The intention is that you must delight in the extravagance of the service. Feast on sumptuous meals.

Renew your spirit. Revel in the time Puravarna bestows. Public buildings, swimming pools, spa buildings are all designed to blend in naturally with the Residences providing points of interest throughout the resort to provide a sense of mystery, discovery and surprise improving your experience.

The Owners Experience of Puravarna may be characterized as:

  • Magical
  • Extravagant
  • Personal
  • Gentle
  • Efficient
  • Unobtrusive
  • At tentative
  • Peaceful
  • Surpassing expectations
Our service can be characterized with :

  • Automatic Greeting by name on airport arrival
  • Luxury limousines or fast helicopter to transport to the resort
  • Greeting by personal name on arrival
  • Pre arrival settings of room including, temperature, flowers, scent, ambient music, lighting, choice of pillows as well as personal music profile and movie selection pre loaded.
  • In limousine or in room automatic check in
  • Fast delivery of luggage
  • Personal butler introduction
  • Unpacking and hanging of garments
  • Complimentary pressing of clothes on arrival
  • Configuration and connection of personal computers to the network on arrival
  • Complimentary personalized mini bar
  • No fixed dining hours
  • No fixed check out times