Royal Spa Body Wrap Treatments

The Body Wrapping process is a treatment to aid taking off centimeters, changing body shape, size, contour, as well as tightening and toning the skin. It involves wrapping the body with elastic pliable type bandages which are saturated with one of our specialized body wrap solutions.

The treatment is applied to specific areas, depending on what your needs are. Body wraps are beneficial in two different ways; firstly for a person with no excess weight to lose, but needs to firm, tone, or to reduce cellulite, or for detoxification purposes. Secondly for a person with weight and centimeters to lose, when body wraps are incorporated along with a weight loss program.

The Body wrap process will help; women with loose skin from pregnancy or weight changes as well as women, who need hips, thighs, upper arms tightened and lifting. Men with excess weight around the mid section will benefit from this treatment.


Body Wrap Treatments

Thai Herbal Mud Wrap - 55 minutes
Seaweed Body Pack - 55 minutes
Slimming Body wrap - 55 minutes
Aloe & Lavender Oil Wrap - 55 minutes

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