Royal Spa Body Cleansing Scrubs

The Cleansing body scrub or polish is done with an exfoliating cream containing marine crystals or Thai herbs. This treatment is performed with circular and longitudinal movements. It cleans the pores allowing better absorption of the products used during treatments of the skin creating a natural glow and revitalizes the body. All cleansing scrubs are followed by a shower with lavender lotion.

A good body scrub or polish forms the basis of other body treatments:
1. they prepare your skin for an even tan
2. they open the pores and awaken the skin before a wrap or mud treatment
3. the oils used can relax or stimulate your senses ready for any similarly-focused treatment that you might be having afterwards


Body Cleansing Scrub Treatments

Thai Herbal Body Polish - 55 minutes
Purifying Salt Glow - 55 minutes
Green Tea Salt Scrub - 55 minutes
Gold Tan Coffee Scrub - 55 minutes
Thai Flower Salt Scrub - 55 minutes
Coconut Body Glow - 55 minutes
Papaya Body Polish - 55 minutes

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