Qing Dynasty Spa Package

This is a voyage to the Far East, to a place and time of the ruling Qing Dynasty rich in culture and mystique. A land of uncompromised beauty whose quest for perfection and ritual lay at the very foundation of centuries old treatments of healing to rejuvenate and revitalise the senses. Powerful medicinal herbs are used to treat your skin using a traditional Chinese Aromatic Back Treatment technique. This improves your skin condition by enhancing the skins natural glow followed by a Pearl Facial.

Discovered by the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty, the ancient secret to beauty became known as the Pearl Facial in which Mother of Pearls are ground to a fine white powder and applied to the face. The treatment promotes a more youthful and lustrous alabaster complexion. The pearl powder contains a unique combination of natural minerals and elements that assist the renewal of skin cells. Your skin will like that of the Empress Dowager feel smoother, softer, whiter and supple.

Chinese Herbal Back Treatment, Shower, Pearl Facial, Refreshment

Time required 120 minutes.


Details for The Royal Spa Signature Spa Packages

Packages Duration 9am-2pm 2pm-10pm Couple
A journey to Ayutthaya 180 min 4,500 ฿ 5,950 ฿ 9,950 ฿
King Rama III & I 150 min 3,200 ฿ 3,800 ฿ 6,400 ฿
Arabia 180 min 7,000 ฿ 12,000 ฿ 14,000 ฿
Passage to India 150 min 3,900 ฿ 4,500 ฿ 7,600 ฿
Qing Dynasty 120 min 4,200 ฿ 4,900 ฿ 8,400 ฿
Island of Java 150 min 5,000 ฿ 5,800 ฿ 10,000 ฿
Natural wonders 150 min 3,500 ฿ 4,200 ฿ 7,000 ฿
10% service charge and government taxes are applicable

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