Natural Wonders of the Dead Sea Spa Package

For over 5000 years the Dead Sea has been the natural spa of the world. Its waters and mud are rich in minerals containing natural medicinal and beauty properties. This is the world of which Aristotle wrote, a place of refuge for King David, a spa sanctuary for Herod the Great. This is place where Mark Anthony came, saw and conquered these rich lands of the Dead Sea as a gift to Cleopatra and which is claimed therein lays the secret to her beauty.

For thousands of years the Middle East have used the mineral silt and black mud of the Dead Sea for it's healing properties. In Arabic they call this place Al Bahr al Mayyit. The Dead Sea is one of the most saline lakes in the world. It is fed mainly by River Jordan in the north and by perennial springs and streams from the east and west. Having no outlet, the Dead sea is a "terminal lake" which loses huge amounts of water by evaporation into the hot dry air. This results in high concentration of salts and minerals in a unique composition that is particularly rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromine and various others. The Dead Sea brine's chemical composition reflects erosion, as well as the recycling of older deposits. Leaching of minerals from the geological strata also contributes to the Dead Sea brine and to a number of thermo-mineral springs along its shore.

The treatment begins with a steam shower to open up the pores of the skin. This is followed by a Dead Sea Salt Scrub before an application of mud all over the body. A Steam shower removes the Mud and a relaxing Aromatherapy massage ensures to release you of all your inner tensions leaving your mind free and your skin glowing.

Steam - Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Vichy Shower - Dead Sea Mud Wrap - Shower - Aromatherapy Massage- refreshment.

Time required 150 minutes.