Journey to Ayutthaya Spa Package

Travel back in time to the splendour of 16th century Ayutthaya, the kingdom of Siam. In 1455, during Ayutthaya period, the Massage Department was established in the royal government service of King Barommatrilokkanat. In 1661, Simon de Loubere, who was the French liaison to the Thai royal court, wrote the first international document about Thai massage in his memorandum. Saying that" When a person is sick in Siam, be begins by causing his whole body to be moulded by one who is skilful herein, who get upon the body of sick person and tramples him under his feet".

This treatment begins with a traditional Herbal Steam bath that refreshes your body in a gentle cloud of steam filled with the aroma of fresh Thai herbs including lemon grass, galangal, camphor, kaffir lime leaves and ginger to cleanse your skin, clear your lungs, promote the circulation and invigorate your body. We then follow with a Thai Aromatic Cleansing Scrub whose blend consists of fourteen Thai herbs including chingchee root, yanang root, mali blossom, wild honey and locally grown tamarind. The cleansing scrub is applied by a long, flowing stroke followed by curricular movements of pressure. The Thai Aromatic Cleansing Scrub starts from the back of legs, and moves on to the back, front of your legs, abdomen, chest and shoulders leaving your skin polished and smooth.

A soothing soak in a warm bath infused with fresh Thai herbs of lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, mint and camphor afterwards to remove the cleansing scrub.

This is followed by our signature Thai Herbal Compress Massage. The Kingdom of Siam is known for its therapeutic hot compresses containing numerous natural herbs. The Thai Herbal compress Massage has been practised for thousands of years and was used by the Royal Thai Mandarins and their warriors after battle in the ancient capital to soothe tension in the their aching muscles and improve blood circulation. The contents of the compress were prescribed according to the condition being treated. The Puravarna herbal compress uses twelve therapeutic Thai Herbs and spices such as zedoary (khamin oil), turmeric (khamin chan), lemongrass (takhrai), kaffir lime (makrut), camphor tree (naat), tamarind (makham) and plai (scientific name: zingiber cassumar). These are then tightly bound and placed in a natural cotton cloth which is then placed in a steamer, and gently applied on the muscles of your body, starting from the back and progressing to the legs. The application of the heated compress will loosen your muscles and improve blood circulation. Once the pores are open, a relaxing, full body massage using natural herbal oils primes the body for deeper penetration of the herbs and spices into the body’s internal system maximising its therapeutic effects. Helps to relieve aching muscles, stretched tendons, stiffness in the joints and inflammation, as well as to stimulate circulation of the blood. This royal of massages will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

You will finish with a Thai Facial, scrub using fresh Thai Fruit and white clay. This will gently cleanse your skin. Perfect if you are stressed or fatigued, this facial improves circulation and leaves your complexion bright and invigorated.

Our Signature Ayutthaya treatment will take you on a journey to a place of inner peace where indulgence is an art form mastered to a science by our gifted Thai therapists. Rejuvenate, unwind in complete serenity. This is an experience to remember and share with a loved one.

Herbal steam shower, Thai Herbal Cleansing scrub, Spice Bath, Thai Royal Herbal Compress Massage, Thai Traditional Facial

Time required 180 minutes.