Royal Spa Massage Treatments

Massage has the richest and most ancient heritage of all the healing arts. Over centuries it has been referred to in literature, art and medicine as one of the oldest forms of treatment for human ills.

The first documented history of massage dates back approximately 400 years to ancient China. Indian, Egyptian, Persian and Japanese writings also indicate a profound use of massage techniques, but the greatest source of information comes from the ancient Greeks.

Modern massage therapy has been assisted by the accumulation of scientific evidence that both supports and explains the beneficial effects of massage.


Spa Massage Treatments

Thai Herbal Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Thai Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Le Royal Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Swedish Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Ayurvedic Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Ayurvedic Head Massage - 45 minutes
Reflexology Foot Massage - 60 minutes
Lymphatic Massage - 60/90 minutes
Asian Blend Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
Stress Relieving Massage - 25 minutes
Slimming Massage - 60/90 minutes
Balinese Massage - 60/90/120 minutes
In Room Massage

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