Royal Spa Facial Treatments

“There came upon my face, in plenteous showers, dew-drops, and dewy buds, and leaves, and flowers, wrapping all objects from smothered sight, bathing my spirit in a new delight”

John Keats (1795-1821)

The outer layer of skin or epidermis has no blood vessels. It depends on the fluid between the cells in the dermis to get its nourishment supply and to remove toxins and waste products. Facial massage helps increase the flow of your dermis, this in turn benefits your epidermis and gives you a more vital, glowing complexion.

There any many sensitive reflex points or marina points on the face and scalp, so this massage can activate the deep centre of your brain soothing your entire body.

A revitalizing mask with moisturizers that uses botanical and essential oils to nourish, hydrate and balance the skin. These refreshing facials include deep aromatic cleansing, exfoliation and massage for the face, neck, shoulders and hands.


Facial Treatments

Rejuvenating Anti Stress Facial - 1hr 25 minutes
Deep Cleansing Facial - 55 minutes
Skin Treatment - 55 minutes
Traditional Thai Facial - 55 minutes
Men Grooming Facial - 55 minutes
Refresher Facial - 25 minutes
Eye Treatment - 25 minutes

Details about Royal Spa Facial Treatments

Package Duration 10am-3pm 3pm-7pm Couple
Rejuvenating Anti Stress Facial 85 min 2,500 ฿ 3,000 ฿ 5,000 ฿
Deep Cleansing Facial 55 min 2,000 ฿ 2,500 ฿ 4,000 ฿
Moisturizing Skin Treatment 55 min 2,200 ฿ 2,700 ฿ 4,400 ฿
Traditional Thai Facial 55 min 2,000 ฿ 2,500 ฿ 4,000 ฿
Men Grooming Facial 55 min 2,000 ฿ 2,500 ฿ 4,000 ฿
Refresher Facial 25 min 1,200 ฿ 1,700 ฿ 2,400 ฿
Eye Treatment "Anti Wrinkle, Moisturizing" 25 min 800 ฿ 1,300 ฿ 1,600 ฿
10% service charge and government taxes are applicable

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