The International Labor Organization has launched the Greener Business Asia Project, which is sponsored by the government of Japan. Its goal is to promote environmentally friendly workplaces, which also fulfill the criteria of decent work. The project is taking place in Thailand and parallel in the Philippines. Worker-employer cooperation plays a key role in the activities by the ILO. The goal of the Greener Business Asia Project is to help enterprises become more sustainable and to help establish greener workplaces by establishing a model of worker-employer cooperation. One step to promote this goal is to gather knowledge on the implementation of green jobs and pass this knowledge on the national stakeholders to build a supporting network for green jobs. The Employers? Confederation of Thailand is one such partner and the Green Information Service is our way of sharing knowledge on green jobs and business practices with companies in Thailand. Another step is to put forward a pilot program of trainings to gather additional knowledge.

The ILO describes the benefits of green jobs as follows: