Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the Privilege Membership Program operated by or on behalf of the Royal Phuket Yacht Club and our relationship with members of the Program. Membership in the Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which supersede all previous loyalty program rules and or conditions.
(a) you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions;
(b) you are eligible for Membership; and
(c) you consent to Royal Phuket Yacht Club updating you with the latest promotions, upgrades and discounts via email.
The purpose of the Program is to reward our frequent guests with loyalty benefits.
The Royal Phuket Yacht Club Privilege Membership Card Conditions:
* 10 % discount on all Royal Yacht Club Accommodation and Services.
* Complimentary 30 Minute Spa for two Persons.
* Seasonal Promotions, Upgrades & Discounts.
This Card is issued by the Royal Phuket Yacht Club and is not transferrable. By using this card, the cardholder agrees to be bound to and to perform in compliance with the agreement to use the card, the card manual and any and all terms and conditions to use the card as prescribed by the issuer
1.1 We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice. This means that we may make changes that affect, without limitation, processes, benefits, Program affiliates and rules of use.
1.2. We may terminate the Program with and may substitute a similar loyalty program for the Program at any time immediately upon notice to all Active Members. A Member may not benefit from the Privilege membership after the termination of the Program. If the Program is terminated, all benefirts shall be forfeited without any obligation or liability.

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