Originally born as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 1987 – and the first luxury hotel ever to be built on Phuket – it has played host to an impressive list of royalty and celebrities in its 20 year lifespan. Now, under operation as The Royal Phuket Yacht Club, Puravarna breathes new life into this island treasure, blending state-of-the-art technology with artful refurbishment in all 110 guest rooms. Located on the South Western tip of the island overlooking the pristine, unspoiled beach of Nai Harn and Prompthep cape, each guest room has a spacious patio with stunning ocean views.
Foremost in its class, the Yacht Club has preserved its nautical traditions by providing a 24-hour jetty landing station and hospitality to all who anchor in Nai Harn. There is ample opportunity to participate in sports and leisure activities in this engaging setting. And with three gourmand dining restaurants and a classic refreshment lounge overlooking the bay, there is plenty of occasion to indulge, relax and appreciate the glorious tropical sunsets that are so famous in Phuket.